There’s another rumor added to the many associated with Spider-Man: No Way Home and this one’s an essentially intriguing one.

The film is already studded with various characters from the Spider-Man comics, as well as from the past Spider-Man films, that are, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man series.

With these characters crossing over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie is already bigger and more important than any other Marvel film now. And to add up to it every day, with new rumors, plot hints, and leaks, No Way Home seems to get more intriguing and interesting.

In a recent promotional clip addressing fan theories, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon slipped out something about a fan-favorite character that fans have speculated about even during the release of past Spider-Man films set in the MCU.

During the clip, the cast read out a lasting fan theory about Batalon’s character turning into his villainous counterpart from the comics.

“Ned will become the Hobgoblin.”

That’s what the theory read. The cast had an awe-inspiring moment on reading the theory but before they could skip to the next one, Holland, true to his nature, slipped out a hint,

“There’s a moment though.”

Of course, Holland didn’t go any further, but Zendaya too responded positively to Holland’s remark. Holland added,

“Imagine if [you and I] did a film together, where you’re the villain?”

The cast then moved forward with other theories, but what does Holland mean by that moment? That’s the big question. It’s not the first time Batalon has been linked to such rumors about his character turning bad in No Way Home.

Earlier this year, promotional art from the film teased the same. Moreover, Batalon specifically losing an immense amount of weight for the movie could also mean that Marvel Studios is planning something bigger for his character.

Or – Is it just a viral marketing idea to hype up the fans? Maybe, it was just a deliberate inclusion in the promotional clip!

Jacob Batalon’s character is a composite character, named Ned after a comic book character called Ned Leeds, who happens to be one of the people that carried the mantle of Hobgoblin.

Just like it was briefly covered in Far From Home, Ned Leeds and Betty Brant are together in the comics. In the comics, Ned Leeds is manipulated to take on the villainous identity and is used as a scapegoat.

In the film, we might not see him on the glider, at least not really becoming a villain, but Marvel could possibly have left a reference or a subtle remark about Ned and Hobgoblin, just to intrigue fans and pay an homage to the character’s comic book counterpart.

And amidst so many characters and the film setting up crossovers with Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, such a reference would only add up to the hype for the future of the franchise.

No Way Home is already featuring Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, so it’s unlikely Ned will become the Hobgoblin in this film, but, in Kevin Feige’s own words, never say never.

Jacob Batalon’s Ned has become a favorite character among fans, who’s perfectly filling up the roles traditionally portrayed with Harry Osborn.

In the past two films, his character’s significance in Spider-Man’s arc has grown stronger and even Batalon himself has been extensively featured in promotions, making him a prominent character of the franchise.

Would you like to see him become Hobgoblin? Tell us in the comments. Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters on December 16, 2021.